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EASTNOR I, Oils, 170x96cm (67x38in) EASTNOR II, Oil and acrylic, 119x152cm (47x60in) EASTNOR III, Acrylic and Oil, 178x249cm (70in x 98in) EASTNOR IV, Acrylic, 61x66cm (24x26in) EASTNOR V, Oil on Canvas, 122x91cm (48x36in)

ROSALIE DREAMING, Pastel, 53x48cm (21x19in) MIDNIGHT AT EASTNOR, Oils, 91x127cm (36x50in) PARTY AT EASTNOR, Oil and Pastel, 94x63cm (37x25in) SUNBATHING AT EASTNOR, Acrylic, 137x76cm (54x30in)

MY PIG, Pastel, 76x55cm (30x21.5in), available as a limited edition print DANGER, Oils, 152x185cm (60x73in) HANG UP, Oils, 178x147cm (70x58in) CATCH IN THE CATHEDRAL, Oils, 114x145cm (45x57in) PUMPKIN AND TORTOISE, Oil on Paper, 94x63cm (37x26in) STUDY FOR HOP KILNS, Oils, 61x53cm (24x21in)

LISA BERNHARD, Oil on Paper, 91x58cm(36x23in) JANE WEST, Oil on Canvas, 53x53cm (21x21in)HOW DARE YOU, Oil on Canvas, 122x84cm (48x33in) FALLING IN LOVE, Oil on Canvas, 53x84cm (21x33in) HARVEST TIME, Oil on Canvas, 61x63cm (24x25in) GOING DOWN, Poster Paint on Paper, 91x63cm (36x25in)

MY GUITARS, Oil on Board, 91x61cm (36x24in) TRACTOR, Oil on Board, 91x61cm (36x24in)